Individual Appointments

Psychological Services offers individual counselling and group workshops for a wide range of concerns faced by students such as:

Relationship Issues
Adjusment Issues
Violence in Relationships
Body Image Concerns
Decision-making Issues
LGBTQ2 Issues
Social Anxiety
Self Esteem Issues
Abuse Issues
Sexual Assault
Eating Disorders
Traumatic Events
Family Problems
Grief and Loss
Disability Issues
Physical Abuse
Emotional Abuse


Call 661-3031, or make appointment in person at Reception Desk, on the 4th floor of Western's new Student Services Building.

Initially you may have an assessment appointment to discuss your concerns and the various counselling options available.

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Data provided over the past several years by the Service Evaluation Questionnaire indicates that students view Psychological Services as being important in terms of their academic success and retention. 86.6% of respondents who had used Psychological Services rated these services as moderately to very important in terms of improving or maintaining their academic performance while 59.5% of respondents indicated that Psychological Services was moderately to very important in terms of any decision to continue their education at Western.

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For all contacts with students, Psychological Services strictly adheres to the rules of confidentiality that have been established by the Ontario College of Psychologists.

The Student Development Centre is experienced in working with diverse populations.

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