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Welcome to hirewesternu

Western has some of the finest academic programing in the country and a rich talent pool. Many organizations have benefited from hiring Western talent. The hirewesternu campaign is designed to assist Employers like you to grow your teams with extraordinary talent and help your enterprise thrive.

Recruit at Western through Job Postings, Interviews, Magnet, Employer Information Sessions and Career/Job Fairs. Build your talent pipeline through work integrated learning programs like Internship, Co-op and Practicum. When you partner with Western, you find a streamlined recruitment process and full-service support from program staff.

On this website, you can read in more detail about how these services operate and instructions are provided on how to contact us. In the Learn about Western Talent section, read up on the attributes that make our students extraordinary and start to understand the value they will add to your team.

The marketplace has become increasingly competitive, to gain the edge and grow innovation, you need the right people to drive your team into the future. I invite you to make Western work for you. Hire extraordinary, hirewesternu.